When Are U-Turns Allowed?

U-turns are when you turn your vehicle in the entirely opposite direction from the one you were already traveling in. There are many rules as to when you can safety make a U-turn, and there are places where you are prohibited from making a U-turn at all.

The state of New York advises you don’t make U-turns unless absolutely necessary. It’s advised to, instead, turn off the road into a parking lot or driveway, and always re-enter the roadway in a forward direction – not backing up.

Here are some guidelines for performing a U-turn safely and legally and when it is permitted to use a U-turn in New York:

  • You should never perform a U-turn where there is a posted sign forbidding U-turns
  • You can’t make a U-turn if you’re near the top of a hill, or if you’re near a curved section of roadway, or in any situation where other drivers won’t be able to see you
  • When making a U-turn, you should be in the left-most lane, nearest the centerline, and never when you’re in the right-hand lane
  • You can make a U-turn at a traffic light when given the green arrow, provided you watch for and yield to other traffic, unless that traffic signal has a sign that forbids U-turns
  • You cannot make a U-turn in school zones; instead, you are advised to use a three-point turn
  • U-turns are not permitted in business districts
  • You are never permitted to perform a U-turn on an expressway, even if your side of the expressway connects you to the other side

What if you’ve been ticketed for an illegal U-turn?

Even if you try to follow traffic laws, it’s still possible to receive a ticket. You might have thought U-turns were permitted, or you didn’t see the sign that said a U-turn wasn’t allowed. Whatever the case may be, a ticket can be upsetting, and it can affect your driving record.

You have options when you’ve been ticketed for an illegal U-turn. You can pay the ticket, but this isn’t always the best option. You can fight your ticket, but you might need some help.

Can a lawyer help me to get my traffic ticket dismissed?

A traffic ticket lawyer can help you to fight and beat your ticket. You might want to consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in Manhattan to avoid the negative effects of a traffic conviction. A conviction could mean heavy fines, points on your driving record, higher insurance premiums, and you could lose your license.

If you think that you are ready to fight your ticket, reach out to a lawyer. They can assist you in building a case and they can go to traffic court to help you avoid receiving a traffic infraction on your record.