Truck Crashes: Can Someone Other Than the Trucker Be Sued?

It’s not unusual for people who’ve been in a crash involving a semi-truck to automatically blame the trucker for the wreck. It’s like when a big kid and a little kid get into a fight, it’s the bigger kid that gets blamed. However, what if there are others besides the trucker who could be to blame for the wreck?

Many different factors can cause a trucking collision that the trucker has no part in.

For example, if a load comes loose, spilling out all over the roadway and causing a collision, should the trucker be blamed for that? I can guarantee you that the trucker didn’t load the truck. No, it would be the fault of whoever loaded the truck; either the trucking company or a loading company.

Who Could be Liable for a Trucking Collision, Other Than the Trucker?

Down below are a few examples of who else could be responsible for a semi-truck crash, and you can go after them by filing an injury claim.

The Trucking Company – Trucking companies are often at least partially to blame when their drivers injure someone. Unless the driver was breaking the law, it’s often appropriate for you to sue the company when their worker injured you.

Truckers are often involved in wrecks because they’ve been overworked, undertrained, or coerced into engaging in unethical practices. Any of these examples could give you good cause to pursue the trucking company.

The Government – You may not think much about the roads you drive on, but when they aren’t properly maintained they can cause a crash as often as anything else can. If an 18-wheeler collides into you because of uneven roads, faded lane markings, or giant potholes, you can sue the government to recover compensation for your injuries.

Another Driver – Truckers can sometimes be the victims, same as you. If a trucker collided with you because of another driver’s negligence, then it’s possible to hold that other driver accountable for the accident. In addition, sometimes it’s more than one party’s fault, and you can sue both—the trucker and another driver.

Manufacturer – Truck manufacturers are responsible for designing and creating safe truck parts that work appropriately.

If, either through poor design or poor manufacturing, a defective truck part causes a crash, you can sue the manufacturer. Sometimes, the trucker has no control over an accident, especially when parts are to blame.

Service Repair Shop – You may not have thought of this, but what if a mechanic doesn’t properly secure the truck’s tires, or the brakes weren’t serviced correctly, leading to a collision? The mechanic or body shop can be liable in this sort of situation.

Are You Looking for a Commercial-Trucking Wreck Attorney?

Being injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer is a horrifying experience. Your injuries are likely serious, and you will probably want to sue the person responsible. You can obtain payment for the damages you’ve faced by filing and winning your case. Injury cases can be complicated and you might want to leave it up to a professional.

For instance, hiring a San Diego truck accident lawyer to work on your claim for you can mean more time for you to focus on your health.