Sex Abuse

One of the most horrific, terrifying, and traumatic things a person can go through is being the victim of a form of sexual abuse. We aren’t even going to pretend we know what that might be like, but we will try to help provide you with some resources and information to help you get over the physical and emotional hurdles and what you need to do in order to make the abuser pay for what they’ve done to you. 

As you’ll see in some of our posts on the subject, the abuser can be prosecuted in both civil and criminal court. Essentially, the result of a civil case will ensure they make reparations to you directly whereas in a criminal case they are punished for their crimes against you and humanity with fines, prison time, and a record. 

To learn a bit more about what constitutes sexual abuse, what can be done about it and when, and how you are able to bring the abuser to justice, please read more on our following articles on the subject.

Civil Claims and Sex Abuse