Learn Whether Employees Can Be Fired For What They Write In a Blog or Social Media

There are many who think law and society is the same in every country and that all companies treat their employees the same but that’s not the case. Employees are sorely misinformed when it comes to their employment rights and it’s important to learn a little more about them so that you know where you stand. Read on to learn a little more about whether or not an employee can be fired for what they write and post online either on social media or on a blog.

Forget About Free Speech

In all honesty, everyone has the right to free speech but at the same time, there is a limit to how free their speech can be. For example, if someone posts a blog online or uses social media to express their opinions or view, they can get into trouble. In America, there is the First Amendment which offers free speech however, that doesn’t mean to say someone has the right to incite hate in their speech. You can say what you want but within a reason and sometimes this is where the labor law sometimes is grey. Some employers can fire employees for what they post simply if it reflects poorly on their company or if it is racist or inflammatory.

Bloggers Have Some Protection Online

In the law and society we live in, there are certain laws that offer some level of protection for those who post blogs and write online. Some laws can help protect an employee from being fired because of what they say online. However, it will depend on what you are talking about and how bad it is considered to be. State laws do protect employees for what they do outside of work as it essentially means an employer can’t fire someone for doing something on their own time. However, if a blogger posts when they are at their work, they could be fired for their actions. There is protection over employee’s political views as well as their off-duty conduct laws. There’s also protection available for whistle blowers of the company which is very important to say the least. Click here.

Being Rude About Co-Workers Can Spell FIRED!

In truth, if you are posting comments online or blogging about the company and are being rude or inflammatory against co-workers and colleagues, you could be fired. If you are considered to be harassed, being rude about or making fun of certain colleagues, an employer can take action against you. People don’t realize that a labor law such as this might work against them. You have to understand that there are times when employers have the right to fire an employee if they are causing harassment to co-workers.

Understand Labor Law and Rules

When you are aware of the latest labor laws and rules you can make things far easier for everyone involved. What you do have to remember is that there are certain laws that will protect a blogger for what they say online as long as it’s within certain limitations. What is more, employees can be fired if they are too inflammatory or racist. Law and society is changing and while some laws will protect a blogger, others will not.