Chicago Traffic Puts Drivers in Danger

While the road isn’t the safest place to be, you generally expect to be safe behind the wheel. Cars have many safety features today, and drivers are expected to protect the safety of the drivers around them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

When you’re stuck in Chicago traffic, you could be put in danger because of it. No matter how careful you are when you’re driving, others might not be so considerate. That means you’ll need to watch out for dangerous drivers when you’re stuck in Chicago traffic. Look out for the following signs that other drivers aren’t paying attention, so you can safely avoid them.

Drivers Under the Influence

You’ll need to make sure you avoid any drivers doing anything deadly. Unfortunately, you might have a run-in with a drunk driver, putting you in serious danger. By choosing to drive under the influence in Chicago traffic, they’re putting themselves and all drivers around them in danger.

They’re not just putting your safety at risk, however. They’re also committing a crime. Driving while intoxicated can come with serious penalties because of the danger it puts others in. So, these drivers may be fined heavily, or they might face jail time or a license suspension.

So, if you see someone driving recklessly and endangering others, you’ll need to get away from them. Unfortunately, heavy traffic means there might be nowhere to go, and you and others might be injured because of this.

Distractions Can be Dangerous

Most drivers, fortunately, are not taking such major risks with your health and safety. Unfortunately, they might be taking “smaller” risks that can still be deadly. While they might be locked in traffic with you, they can still possibly cause serious accidents and injuries.

Distracted driving may not seem serious to the person at the time, but you might be left suffering for their decisions. When a driver chooses to text, adjust the radio, or set their GPS in the middle of traffic, that takes their attention away from the road.

That lapse in attention only needs to be a few seconds long. Even in heavy traffic, that might be enough to cause a major accident, one that leaves you suffering. You’ll need to avoid these drivers, but cell phone use behind the wheel is a major problem in many cities, including Chicago. As such, it can be tough to avoid a dangerous, distracted driver.

Get a Lawyer’s Help

Sadly, that means that you might have already suffered from a major injury. You were hurt, and now you’re paying for someone else’s actions. They hurt you, so shouldn’t they be paying for it? The answer is yes, but you’ll need to fight back to get them to pay.

To do that, you’ll need a Chicago auto accident attorney to help you get started. You’ve been endangered and injured, and you just want to recover. Fortunately, a lawyer can help you fight back for the compensation you need, so reach out today for help.