When you’ve just been injured in a motorcycle crash you would expect that people will have some understanding; after all, motorcycle crash injuries are often very serious. If you go to file an injury claim, you probably expect the insurance companies to be compassionate and fair in their dealings with you.

However, that’s not often what happens. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to keep their profits high, and that includes throwing bikers under the bus. If you’ve been injured and are thinking about filing an insurance claim to obtain damages from your accident, you may want to consult with a lawyer who handles motorcycle accidents.

Insurance Companies Will Use Motorcyclists’ Reckless Reputations Against Them

Why would you need a lawyer to file a claim? You may want a lawyer’s help because filing a claim on your own is extremely difficult, and you may not know how to deal with insurance companies. Insurance companies don’t always play fairly. If they think they can get away with it, they will seek out any weakness in your case that would lead to a claim rejection, or that will lower your claim’s value.

One of the common tactics they use, which particularly pertains to bikers’ claims, is to say that bikers are reckless and are therefore not entitled to collect damages. Insurance companies try to show that because bikers are risk-takers, it’s really they who are responsible for their injuries.

They try to show that riding a motorcycle in and of itself is dangerous. Shouldn’t bikers be aware of the risks, and why should others have to pay for bikers’ losses? This reasoning is unfair, of course. Not all bikers are risk-takers, but the insurers will use your reputation against you.

They know that if they can make it seem like all bikers are reckless, then they might be able to saddle you with partial blame for the accident. Because of laws pertaining to comparative negligence, the biker’s claim can be reduced if any fault is found with the biker.

Always keep this in mind when you go to file a claim. Ideally, you should have a lawyer do the talking for you, so that you won’t accidentally accept responsibility for the accident without even knowing it. You don’t want to receive less than your claim is worth. If someone else hurt you—then you deserve compensation. Period.